I would like to think of myself as a bit of a foodie. I enjoy food. I don’t shy away from trying new things and spreading my wings. I am not going to stop myself from eating something amazing because it may be high in sodium or calories. Like all good things in life, you need to pace yourself and eat everything in moderation. Want that ice cream? Have a bowl! Just maybe don’t have the whole carton. It would give you a bellyache anyway. Luckily for you, Indonesian food does not contain dairy since their primary base to things is coconut milk instead of cow milk.

I decided that Indonesian food isn’t as celebrated as it should be. Outside of major cities, it can be hard to find an Indonesian restaurant that can give you a firsthand experience of what the food looks and tastes like. I mean really, there are Indian restaurants, Chinese restaurants, and many others, but it is very hard to find an Indonesian restaurant. It’s a pity because the food is absolutely amazing.


Which gets to my point. My whole blog here was created so that you Indonesian food newbies could get a kind of food map around some of the best food in the world. You should not be afraid of it, you just need to be able to try it. If you don’t have an Indonesian restaurant near you, you should try making it yourself. The one major challenge is that if you haven’t had it, you will not know if you made it the right way or not, but if you at least use their flavors, you can get a basic idea.

I have visited Indonesia on several occasions. Now given the fact that there are about 6,000 islands in the entire country, I have absolutely not visited the whole thing. I did make it to Jakarta, Sumatra, and Java. I have to say that the java from Java is probably the best coffee in the entire world. Just avoid the Kopi Luwak unless drinking the coffee that has been made from pooped out coffee beans doesn’t weird you out. If it doesn’t, more power to you. I just am not comfortable with the idea if it. That said, you should be brave when you are experiencing another culture’s food. It will give you an insight into their culture that you cannot read in books. And exposing yourself to the foods of the world, even if they gross you out, can give you a more diverse palate and perhaps a greater appreciation from your own food at home.

I plan on going back to Indonesia and continuing my food journey. First I need to finish eating my way across mainland Asia, experiencing the foods of China, India, and Thailand primarily. I don’t really have a favorite between them all because each country’s cuisine offers something that cannot be found anywhere else. So enjoy branching out into Indonesian food. You will thank yourself for it later.