Indonesian Cuisine – The Most Colorful And Vibrant Cuisines Around The Globe

Vibrant and colorful dishes:

The heart is beautiful and adores beauty. People like to taste anything that is presented beautifully, as the first impression of any eatable depends upon its presentation. A beautifully presented food having attractive, vibrant and colorful colors catches the attraction of its potential customers and let them try it. Fast food companies, food chains, and restaurant uses colorful and vibrant pictures of their food items to attract the customers. It does not mean that the food must only be presented beautifully it must also taste good. When we talk about tasty cuisine full of vibrant colors the first thing that comes to the mind is Indonesian cuisine. Indonesian cuisines are famous because of its unique taste and vibrant color. People all over the world visit Indonesia to taste its beautifully presented dishes having yummy tastes. According to a survey held recently by CNN international from 50 world delicious and vibrant cuisine the three cuisines are from Indonesia and remaining 47 are from the different countries all over the world. Due to the popularity of Indonesian cuisine, the Indonesian restaurants are running in different countries of the world other than Indonesia to serve the people Indonesian taste along with its specialty of vibrant presentation.


Special spices and herbs to add colours:

 The specialty of Indonesian food is they use a lot of spices, herbs, and leaves to enhance the taste and serve it with plain white rice and colorful salad. The cuisine becomes attractive when served with colorful salad and boiled white plain rice. From breakfast to dinner and snacks to desserts, all foods are served with delicious unique Indonesian taste and variety of appealing colors.

It is a common perception that Indonesian foods are very spicy. Due to which some people avoid it despite of its colorful presentation without tasting it. Not all the Indonesian foods are spicy. Due to different taste liking of people for spices, the food is serving with chilies known as sambal in Indonesia in separate bottles or dish so the tourist can add the sambal according to their taste liking.

The typical daily meal served includes two curry dishes made using meat, vegetable, chicken, fish or beef served with boiled plain rice and sambal for a spicy taste. Moreover, in winters soup is also added with the meal to complement the weather as well as the look. All these dishes are combined together and served to give a tempting, vibrant and mouth-watering look. As the majority of the people living in Indonesia are Muslim, so pork is rarely used in the preparation of the dishes.

Indonesian loves food and its presentation, not only the 5-star restaurant focus on presentation but also the street hawkers peddling their tempting food on a cart having 3 wheels also serve taste with vibrant colors. Their presentation may differ from the 5-star hotel but the colors and taste are delicious like an expensive restaurant. Each hawker serves one or two dishes in their cart. Dishes served by the hawkers are very reasonably.

I would like to think of myself as a bit of a foodie. I enjoy food. I don’t shy away from trying new things and spreading my wings. I am not going to stop myself from eating something amazing because it may be high in sodium or calories. Like all good things in life, you need to pace yourself and eat everything in moderation.

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