Indonesian Cuisine: From Favorites to bizarre dishes

Indonesia- A land of islands:

Indonesia is the largest Muslim country in Asia with a population exceeding 2.3 million, it is a region made up of thousands of inhabited islands and the Indonesian dishes are also countless varying in variety from island to island. If one will start exploring the dishes, he might need a lifetime to do so, because of the meticulous gourmand is very vast.

Staples of Indonesian cooking, for instance soups and fried rice dishes are all characterized, with their specific diverse Indonesian flavors; and few of the the majority admired dishes today originate from the blend of local cooking and colonial imports techniques as well as spices.

Indonesians are majority Muslim so the dominance of Halal food is must. Meat dishes usually includes lamb, chicken, beef &  fish/seafood, one will not find pork except in certain 5 star western restaurants.

Here we would have a brief outlook to some of the most favorite dishes of Indonesia:


The Indonesian cuisine is an affluent and intricate intermingle of several cultures. Arab, Chinese, Dutch, Indian, Spanish, British as well as Portuguese cultures have affected the progress of the country’s present-day meals and foods.  Most of all, the Southeast Asia has reflective impact on the country’s cuisine. Visitors of the larger cities in Indonesia can enjoy

  • The chili peppers, stewed curries and peanut sauces of Thailand
  • The fish sauce and lemon grass of Vietnam
  • The complex spice amalgamations of India

The best combination of these all will result in a juicy delight reaches its essence in the Rijsttafel which is the crown gem of the Indonesian kitchen.


Southeast Asia, one will find roadside restaurants and street vendors selling the staple meals. A very famous shish kebab is an example which is a combination of Indian and Dutch culture. In Indonesia they are called as sate which is meat skewers seasoned and coated with the sauce. Sauce can be of variety either peanut sauce or spicy soy sauce versions and sweet coconut milk sauce.


Rendang is one of the incredible Indonesian cuisines which is highly recommended all around the world to taste.  It is enriched with aroma and flavors and is typically served during wedding or religious events. It consists of chief four ingredients namely chilli, coconut milk, milk and paste of mixed spice. Mixture of these ingredients are cooked and stirred for about four hours until a thick consistent paste is formed. It is then specially served with vegetables and rice giving look of a tempted curry.


Soto is a renowned traditional Indonesian dish which is actually a broth soup. It is very much similar to the chicken soup as in western cuisine and is chiefly made from vegetables and meat or sometimes may include rice vermicelli, potato or fried garlic. Soto is best served with condiment such as soy sauce or sate.

Here we conclude by saying that Indonesia is a must visit place just not because of its visual beauty but also the food beauty. Just plan the next visit to Indonesia to enjoy the tasty and delicious foods.

I would like to think of myself as a bit of a foodie. I enjoy food. I don’t shy away from trying new things and spreading my wings. I am not going to stop myself from eating something amazing because it may be high in sodium or calories. Like all good things in life, you need to pace yourself and eat everything in moderation.

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